What Does Selling Your House "As Is" Mean

Selling your house as is, is becoming increasingly popular as homeowners want to get rid of their house without the negative side effects of the traditional real estate market process.

October 21, 2020

What Does As Is Mean In A Real Estate Contract?

 When it comes to selling a house with costly repairs, busy sellers need to consider different scenarios.  And selling a house "as-is" is one of those scenarios.  An as-is property or house is one that sellers list for sale in its existing state.  

That means the seller is responsible for addressing the problems with the house. If a buyer finds out anything wrong with the listed property, he can request the homeowner to fix or pay for the repairs. 

 If you're a seller and are considering selling your as-is property, keep on reading to find out how to do it. 

Can You Sell Your House As Is 

Selling your as-is property can be a complicated process, but it is possible to make a deal. Typically, you can sell your as-in using two routes.  The first way is to seek an agent's assistance in the housing market and sell as-is to a cash buyer. Get cash buyers on your door, and when you receive a potential offer to make any repairs, have your agent negotiate the deal. 

The other way is to open up the property for potential buyers interested in buying as-in homes.  Many buyers feel comfortable offering relatively higher prices as they know they can request mandatory repairs. 

Can You Sell a Home As-Is

If you find a cash purchase off-market, you can sell a home as-is to several flippers and investors.  However, it may affect the price of your as-is as buyers often look for profits. Knowing that the property is not a good condition, they will want to pay less.

Selling a House in Bad Condition

 Regardless of the bad condition of your house, you have basic options to sell it.    

  • Sell the house as-is without any changes (invest in minor repairs before listing)
  • Make only cosmetic fixes
  • Invest in significant repairs

Selling a House in Poor Condition

It is always better to get multiple competitive quotes from different contractors if your as-is needs repairs that go beyond cosmetic fixes. This way, you can conduct a cost-benefit analysis. 

How to Sell Your House As-Is

 If you're selling a home that requires repairs, you can;

  • Include your as-in on the listing- that means you will not spend time making repairs
  • Conduct a complete pre-inspection- it means you need to disclose restorations and other details on the inspection report.  
  • Tackle the vital priority items  (most important ones) to seal the deal

If my house is in foreclosure, can I sell it

 Yes, you can sell the house facing foreclosure until it is sold in Sheriff's Sale's auction by the lender. The home is considered foreclosed when the lender uses his rights to sell it if the owner fails to keep up with the payments. 

Misconceptions Around Selling 'As Is'

You're not legally bound to make repairs when selling your as-is.  However, if the buyer discovers an issue in the property, he/she can ask for the repairs under the rule of an inspection contingency. As he can cancel the contract, it is better to keep him happy and negotiate the deal with the help of an experienced agent  

Should I Renovate My House Or Sell As Is? 

While renovating a house can help you sell it fast, listing it has its own benefits.  You don't have to fork over a lot of cash for improvement.

How Do I Sell My Home Fast Without Completing Repairs?

  • Disclose, disclose, disclose

You need to disclose the information if you know the significant issues with the property and are not able to make the improvements. 

  • Factor 'as is' into your price

If you don't want to make repairs, it may affect the sale price.  It is better to factor your "as is" into the price.

Home Improvements Worth Doing

Check out these everyday items that some buyers can flag as safety problems. You can

  • Replace the roof
  • Install a new water heater
  • Update  the electrical panel
  • Address mold, termite, or water damage
  • Repair, sewer connection, pipes, or septic system
  • Update the HVAC system

Easy Upgrades To Sell Your Home Fast

These are the easy updates you can do to sell your home faster.  You can easily tackle them over the weekend before listing a home on the market  

  • A paint coat (neutral color)
  • Caulking in kitchens and bathroom
  • Improving lighting (add fixtures or replace bulbs)
  • Have the carpets cleaned

How to Market a Fixer-Upper

Enlisting a property with the help of a professional and experienced real estate agent is the best way to sell it faster.  Hire an agent who knows how to market fixer-uppers. 

The tips can make the most of-upper listing:

  • Highlight the positives
  • Price appropriately 
  • Use keywords to market
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