How To Find a Cash Buyer For Your House

Find the right cash buyer is make or break when it comes to selling your house.

October 1, 2020

Finding a Cash Buyer for Your Home 

If you don't know what an all-cash home purchase is, you're not alone.

The concept is for un-mortgageable properties. These properties have structural damage, such as defected roofs or leakage issues. And when it becomes difficult to get a mortgage for that property, the sellers advertise it as "cash buyers." 

If you've decided that a cash buyer is the best option in your position, you can opt for the following choices. 

  • Contact local property investors
  • Contact real estate agents
  • Search the web for cash buyers 

Let's plunge into the details to learn how to find a cash buyer for your home. 

What is an All Cash Home Purchase

Before we start, let's define a cash offer.  A cash offer is an all-cash bid. That means a home buyer is interested in buying a property without any financing or mortgage loan. The proposals are usually more attractive to home sellers as it doesn't include risk of buyer-financing fall-through. Not to mention, it has a faster closing time.

Keep in mind that selling a property is a lengthy process. That is why you must determine an approach that can help you find potential buyers. It is beneficial to evaluate different ways to put up your house for sale in the market. 

The routes you can take may involve listing a property yourself, listing through a real estate agent, and selling to a cash buyer. Doing quick research is always helpful to find the best company to sell your house is.

When you sell your home on your own, it may benefit you in three ways;

  • You sell your home on your terms (the way you want)
  • Show your property on your time.
  • All profit is yours from the sale, no agent fees.

 When you sell through a real estate agent, it also benefits you in many ways;

  • An agent lists your house (to be displayed on the different marketplace)
  • An agent does all the marketing
  • The agent finds potential buyers, shows your property, and finds the right buyer

When you put up you or your realtor puts up your house for all-cash purchase, it offers you the following benefits

  • You get an edge over all financed buyers
  • You don't face foreclosure risk
  • It has faster closing 

How to Sell My Property Privately

Selling privately has become a popular route for many homeowners. Off-market real estate has become extremely popular as of late and the 2021 distressed housing real estate market outlook looks very good for sellers. However, not all homeowners find it comfortable to put their homes on the market without seeking professional help.  

While a realtor's service is invaluable when you want to find reputable cash house buyers, you can take steps to avoid using a realtor to sell your house. But before that, you must decide if you wish to sell your home or repair your house to improve its market value.

To sell your property privately, you can;

  • Prepare it by cleaning and maintaining it for sale
  • Set a reasonable price after conducting a market research
  • Contact a real estate attorney to get a contract form and some guidance for the sale
  • Market your property to potential buyers
  • Negotiate your home's sale after carefully considering each offer

What is the Best Company to Sell Your House To

You may find many cash buyers in your area. Selling your house to a house-buying company or custom construction company is a simpler and faster way to complete the process. You may sell your home to buy-and-hold companies, house flippers, and iBuyers. If you don't know what is the best company to sell your house to is, look for one that is; 

  • Reliable
  • Receives good reviews
  • Experienced in cash buying properties 
  • Has proof of fund

Reputable Cash House Buyers

Finding reputable cash house buyers can be a complex process. If you don't have enough experience, you may fall for cash buying scams. Make sure you do your due diligence throughout the process to avoid fraud. 

Zillow Cash Offers- How Do You Find Wholesaling Cash Buyers

Zillow is one of the popular forums for buying homes. It promotes iBuyer type of marketplaces and uses big data to create a property market. It provides various near-instantaneous cash offers for houses. However, Zillow cash offers have high commissions and high fees. The forum often prefers non-distressed properties.

Is It Legal To Buy a House with Cash?

Apart from IRS requirements for reporting, there isn't any law that prohibits a cash home transaction. If you have found a seller who is willing to receive cash, it is potentially a quick way to make a purchase. 

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