Can I choose my closing date?

Yes, we're flexible. We'll work with you to determine the most convenient closing date

What kind of homes does National Buyers purchase?

We purchase homes of any shape or size across the nation.

What personal information will I have to share?        

We don't require any personal information as all of our transactions are completed through an escrow company. Secure and Transparent.

Do we need to make any repairs to our home before selling to National Buyers                                                                          

No, we buy homes "As-Is"

Do you guys help with the move?  

Yes, we can arrange a moving company to come help you pack your valuable items and take them to your next destination. FREE of charge.

How do I receive the proceeds?      

Escrow will process a physical check or direct deposit to your account! Whichever you prefer.

How fast can you close?      

As fast as 3 business days! We have the funds ready to go!